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28 day transformation

Transform Your Body, Gain Confidence In Yourself & Love Yourself Again in 4 Weeks

We are the only fitness and performance centre in Northumberland, to help our clients lose over 5000kg and more than 20,000 cm from their bodies and more importantly to regain their confidence

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We are NOT an ordinary gym. We are a results based performance centre, who run programs that combine training, nutrition and coaching for personal development - and we are so confident we offer a money back guarantee!


We are so confident in our 28 day transformation challenge, that if you don’t lose at least 10lb or drop a clothes size, we will refund your investment*. What have you got to lose?​

*Subject to Terms & Conditions​

Here's How We Will Help You Transform...

In an atmosphere of fun, motivating you without any judgement

You'll get a physical and mental transformation with people who think just like you. We prepare your party experience every workout, as you have never seen elsewhere.

Energetic music, rhythms and motivational personal trainers who will be there to support you at every step. We believe that your experience must be unique and challenging every day.

fun atmosphere - assert fitness

Energetic workouts that you participate in a team

In a group that supports you and encourages you, we use bodyweight, kettlebells, TRX, barbells, medicine balls, Strong man equipment and boxing that will speed up your metabolism, they will burn fat and you will tone your muscles like would never have thought possible.

Assert Fitness - Group Training

Nutrition For Dummies (Without Diets or Counting Calories)

Have you tried dieting like a million times and got nowhere?

Now it's time to try something different. You can forget about counting calories and not feeling guilty. With our simple nutrition program, which has already proven effective by hundreds of times, you will never be feel you are on a diet. You will finally be able to have control of your life and see the changes you deserve.

You do not need another diet. You just need advice from professionals. You need someone to guide you when you do not know what to choose and to help you build habits small, easy to follow so you can create long-term results.

Assert Fitness - Nutrition

Accountability and support if you feel like quitting

Usually when you start a new program and you feel like quitting nobody is there to support you. These things are about to change, because you can count on the support of Assert Fitness coaches who have your back. In addition you have other members of the group that will help and support when routine of every day life impedes your results . We will help and support when needed and help you succeed!

Assert Fitness Start Member

An ideal program for beginners

You will compete with yourself. No one will judge you. There are no egos in the group and no matter where you start, our internationally certified coaches will always have you do exercises adapted to your level only.

Our coaches are committed in helping you learn new things and to get better from day one. You will not be forced to do awkward, hard moves and our coaches will watch you to make sure you are performing each exercise correctly to get the most out of them. 

assert fitness group training

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Personal development and lifestyle transformation

Dean Coulson - Phoenix Performance Training founder - is a specialist in personal transformation and a motivational speaker who has helped thousands of people in the UK and across the world make positive change in their lives. Along with our team coaches, you'll learn how to build that much coveted success step by step. You can use the same techniques in other areas of your life, from personal to finance.

Dean Coulson

Be Part of the Phoenix Performance Training family

By supporting those around, chances of success are increased by 224%! Therefore, we focus on creating an atmosphere like a family. We are a team and start this journey together. You will not be just "a number" for us, but part of a community that supports you and encourages you - who has the same goals as you.

Assert Fitness Family

What is Phoenix Performance Training?

This program is for you if...

  • Want more confidence in yourself to wear sexy clothes again
  • You are tired of trying to lose weight without getting results.
  • Want a professional coach & plan proven to work
  • You are tired of diets and the latest fitness fad
  • You do not know what to do and need advice
  • You want to do this with a group who support you in your goal and you theirs
  • You would like to feel more energised, fitter, stronger and leaner
  • You want a fun and challenging workout in a safe and happy environment
  • You want an incredible experience which guarantees that you will exceed your expectations or your money back!

What you Get...

  • Three challenging but fun workouts per week with your coach
  • The workouts include resistance exercises, conditioning for fat loss, boxing, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells and more to get you into great shape
  • A strategy training session with your coach to customise your exercise plan
  • Our Nutrition program, food plan and recipe book and other useful tools to help you
  • Access to our private facebook group for daily support and continuous measurement of results. 
  • Constant checks to see if you are following the program steps
  • Social events and meeting to let your hair down 

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